Management of real estate assets

Anticipa Real Estate is specially focused on the management of rental real estate assets, an area which accounts for the majority of the properties that the company has in its portfolio. We currently have around 15,000 rental homes distributed across the county, but mainly concentrated in Catalonia, Madrid, Levante and Andalusia.

Our main objective in managing assets is to become the largest rental platform in Spain. To achieve this, we have strongly committed to the company’s digital transformation, using some of the most advanced technologies which allow us to manage a large volume of assets and scale our business.

The structuring of our processes, thanks to Anticipa Real Estate’s technological platform, allows the organisation to continue growing and continuously incorporate new assets. The main goal is to maximise value for shareholders and clients through efficient portfolio management.


Management of individual and developer loans

In the last few years we have managed a large portfolio of individual and developer loans.

The management of all the loans is carried out through a developed banking technology platform that makes it possible to cover the primary servicing, early arrears and disputes. The good practices of Anticipa Real Estate include the capacity to offer a wide range of personalised solutions, with a flexible and constructive approach, during the different stages of management.

To achieve that, we have a team of more than 100 professionals who individually analyse the financial assets in order to provide suitable proposals in each case that enable the debtor to fulfil their commitments with guarantees.

Likewise, Anticipa has a Code of Good Practice, driven by the aim of finding friendly solutions and offering alternatives for the credit situation of the holders.