Work at Anticipa

Backed by its proven industry experience, Anticipa Real Estate is a dynamic property and mortgage management company that continues to grow. Our team, made up of more than 400 real estate and finance professionals, plays a key role in the company’s achievements, which is why we actively seek out committed and talented individuals with the right training and who are ready to give it their all and work together.

We are a team with certified experience and knowledge, driven by the desire to improve on a daily basis and reach ambitious goals. We are innovative, non-conformist and humble, and share our knowledge with colleagues.

At Anticipa, we also believe that a sustainable results-based approach, viewed as the company’s ability to create added value, is only possible through leadership, guidance and inspiration, in such a way that the whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts.


Equality and career advancement policies at Anticipa

Equal opportunities and non-discrimination represent the cornerstone of the company’s external hiring and internal promotion processes.

When selecting and promoting employees, Anticipa Real Estate considers their qualifications, skills, abilities, attitudes, experience, performance and suitability for the position. The company also guarantees clear and transparent information in its hiring and advancement procedures.


Join Anticipa

We seek out people who are driven, who value the sense of belonging to a team and are willing to take on challenges with an innovative vision. As property managers with a solid project that is growing, we are looking for professionals who want to grow with us. If you are interested in joining the Anticipa Real Estate project, send your résumé or CV to