Anticipa Real Estate: Focused on the present, with an eye on the future

As a property management company, Anticipa specializes in two business segments: managing properties and managing mortgages with housing collateral. Our main goal is to provide comprehensive, transparent and innovative solutions.

We are driven by our corporate mission of maximizing asset value through the end-to-end management of properties and mortgage portfolios. These efforts are backed by a team with proven industry experience and key technology resources centered on efficiency and digitalization. The company is headquartered in El Prat de Llobregat and has offices in various cities throughout Spain to offer nationwide coverage.

In the area of property management, Anticipa Real Estate currently has a diversified portfolio that, once it has been refurbished and prepared, will be placed on the market for rental or sale.

Since it was founded in 2014, the company’s property management business has grown steadily and become one of the leading platforms in Spain’s real estate industry. Anticipa Real Estate is owned by Blackstone Real Estate funds, one of the largest investment funds in the global real estate sector.

In the area of mortgage management, Anticipa Real Estate handles loan portfolios for developers as well as for homebuyers, covering everything from primary servicing to loans with varying degrees of default.


Good practices and growth opportunities at Anticipa

Ethical and quality standards, combined with good practices, help shape Anticipa Real Estate’s operations, and those principles and values are required of all the professionals who represent the company. Guided by these values, Anticipa’s employees, partners and suppliers work together and make decisions to meet stakeholder expectations.

This premise of commitment and responsibility serves as the driving force for Anticipa Real Estate, which strives to optimize its property and loan management capabilities, along with its technology platform, expertise and specialized team, in order to continue growing and become an industry leader.

The company works hard every day to position itself as one of the best real estate and debt management experts. This is done by offering excellent service, exceeding customer expectations and contributing towards personal growth and development.

Anticipa aims to become a benchmark in Spain’s default risk and property management sector by providing customers with innovative solutions based on a comprehensive and creative management concept as well as on responsibility, efficiency and commitment.


Flexibility, innovation and experience: strategic pillars for Anticipa Real Estate and its team

Our workforce is made up of more than 400 professionals with extensive experience in the area of real estate and finance, in-depth knowledge of the market, multidisciplinary training and strong teamwork skills. The main goal for Anticipa Real Estate’s employees is to address customer needs by providing customized solutions and adding value to portfolio management.

With this customer-oriented focus that adapts to specific needs, all of Anticipa’s solutions follow the principles of transparency, flexibility and innovation.

Backed by this vision, the company is always ready to effectively undertake the many challenges posed by customers and the market, oftentimes in a changing environment that requires agility and determination.

Our headquarters are located in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) but we also have offices in Madrid, Valencia and Málaga, making it possible for Anticipa to provide nationwide service.