A vision of the present, a path towards the future

We are estate agents specialised in two different business areas: the management of real estate assets and the management of mortgage debts with residential collateral. We provide comprehensive, transparent and innovative solutions for our clients.

Our mission is to maximise value through the global management of real estate assets and mortgage portfolios. This task is carried out by our personnel who have extensive experience in the sector, using technological resources focused on efficiency and digitalisation, and with a nationwide presence.

Anticipa Real Estate currently has a diversified property management portfolio, 70% of which is comprised of rentals and 30% of sales.

Since the creation of the company in 2014, its activity as a real estate manager has continuously grown, becoming one of the most important and solid platforms in the Spanish real estate sector. Its sole shareholder, Blackstone, is one of the largest investment funds worldwide, whose activity in the real estate sector stands out.

Regarding the management of mortgage debts, at Anticipa Real Estate we manage portfolios of developer loans as well as loans for individuals, covering everything from primary servicing to the management of loans with varying degrees of non-performance.


Good practices and capacity for growth

The principles of ethics, quality and good practice govern corporate life at Anticipa Real Estate. These same principles and values are also required from the company’s staff as well as the partners and suppliers it works with.

On this basis, which guides the organisation's daily activity, Anticipa Real Estate wants to continue developing its assets and loan management capability, and to make the most of its technological platform, know-how and highly specialised team to continue growing and being a benchmark in the sector.

Flexibility, innovation and experience: the strategic focus of Anticipa Real Estate and its personnel.

We have a team of nearly 500 staff with extensive experience in the real estate and finance sectors, with comprehensive knowledge of the market, multidisciplinary training and teamwork capabilities, all invested in solving our client’s needs.

With this vision, the company is ready to offer the best solutions to the constant challenges posed by our clients and the market.

Our main office is located in Barcelona, and we have branches in Madrid, Valencia and Malaga. From these four locations we offer our services to the whole country.