Anticipa’s Commitment

At Anticipa Real Estate, we firmly believe that our company should be guided by values that define how we work and interact with our environment. To this end, our work is based on values like excellence, teamwork, results orientation and transparency. We have zero tolerance for any type of behaviour that is illegal, inappropriate, fraudulent or contrary to good practice. Anticipa makes this commitment to its clients, users, suppliers, business partners and the public authorities.

Our commitment is based on the following principles:

I. Identifying and integrating all the actions needed to prevent, detect and react to any unlawful acts that may be committed.

II. Creating a climate of compliance and transparency.

III. Maintaining and improving channels to encourage people to report possible irregularities, raise doubts and put forward suggestions.

IV. Making it a requirement to provide information about any action that may constitute a crime, fraud or irregularity through the Complaints Channel.

V. Fostering a culture of ethics and compliance by: (i) encouraging responsible behaviour; (ii) raising awareness and establishing protocols and committees in order to correctly develop the aims of the company, so that each member of the organisation takes action and makes decisions in accordance with internal and external regulations; (iii) setting up programmes to provide training and information, and to raise awareness.

VI. Investigating all complaints about supposedly illegal or fraudulent conduct, and irregularities, in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

To this end, Anticipa has implemented and maintains a Criminal Compliance and Anti-Bribery Management System focused on honouring the commitments made and minimising risk to the company. Furthermore, Anticipa has pledged to continually improve this system. For this purpose, it has created a body responsible for managing the system with sufficient authority and independence to carry out its task (Code of Conduct Committee).

Should the company become aware that an employee has breached the commitment described above, it will act in accordance with the penalty system established in the Code of Conduct and adopt the measures deemed appropriate. If necessary, it will apply the relevant penalty and/or take legal action pursuant to the regulations applicable to each case.